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Castlelolia and the potatoes of Reubens

Man, unless there's some amazing plot twist soon, I think I'm almost done with it. wtf. D:
I keep expecting some awesome amazing plot twist, but all the NPCs are like "SO YOU'RE GOING AGAINST THIS CASTLE'S MASTER NOW HURHURHUR"
I don't know why I'm bothering to grind out my monster log if that's the case D:
I do want to find someone to sell me some thick glasses, a long sword, and some moldy bread for a quest, though XP
Our wireless internet is firewall/pw protected, so my DS keeps saying "WOW U HAV KNO INTARWEBZ" so I can't connect to anyone else's stores and buy the stuff I accidentally sold for my quests.
I guess I could get it in a new game plus. I mean.. it's not like this game is all that long? XD haaaaaaaa
It's a good game, but feels really short. I wonder how many hours I have on it. It has to be less than 20, and I've spent a lot of time uselessly killing monsters trying to get their rare loot drops. My dudes are lvl 50, and I have almost 100% on every map now. I am missing some secret rooms that I need to go and find.. But.. I have the flight spell, and you usually don't get that until near the end of the game.

Omg.. completely unrelated, but I had a really weird ass dream last night where I sat down and chatted with Paul Reubens. In my dream, I was at a convention somewhere, and he was there.. and I was all like "WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WATCHED PEE-WEE LOLOLOL"
Fucking weird.

Oh! and my cheese came in the mail today. It doesn't squeak (mostly) :( A few peices do, but mailing it really didn't help the squeak factor. Tastes good, though!
I made some roasted potatoes for dinner. They turned out really well, and I was tempted to toss in a bunch of cheese with them. XD As I've been trying (again) to read through The China Study, I've been making an effort to try to cut more of that crap out of what I eat on a daily basis. I'm having a hard time working my way through the book, though. Most of it is pretty dry, but the information is amazing. That's why I only get through like a chapter or two every few months XP

My ear itches like crazy XP I hate these eardrops, but at least my ear is feeling better
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