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Doctor's office D: EWWWW

Got back from the doctor's today, and my ear is still killing me XP
I apparently had some wax buildup right next to the eardrum. The practicing nurse said "Oh, it's just a little ball of wax. We'll flush it right out and you'll feel fine"
The other nurse set about to getting all the stuff ready to flush my ear out, and after squirting large ammounts of water& peroxide in my ear, it just wouldn't come out D: She had to go in there with some alligator forceps or whatever and dig it out, and still couldn't get it. After much digging and flushing, this massive lump if ick washed on out. Little my ass XD
I'm not getting the pressure discomfort anymore, but the ear canal is still enflamed, and there's a little congestion behind the eardrum yet. It's because that crap was keeping moisture back, and it's made my ear very unhappy D:

So I have irritation, and my ear is unhappy. It's not infected, but I still get eardrops T..T I have a prescription, and I'm supposed to take them 3 times a day, but the pharmacy doesn't have that medication in stock. So hopefully I'll be able to get it tomorrow. Even though the ick is gone, my ear still doesn't feel right, and probably won't for a while yet. It bothers me almost as much as it did before XP But sans a huge disgusting lump of ick. They showed it to me, too. Yay! XD

Yes, they have dug roaches out of people's ears before D: I wasn't paranoid for nothing! When I went in today, they said that roaches can't run backwards, so what they do is get lodged in a person's ear, can't back out, and end up banging into the ear drum over and over again while they try to run forward. I fucking hate roaches

Anyway..I imagine my ear will still feel full of ick (even though it's been flushed out) for a few days yet, especially if there is congestion. Isn't that fun??

Edit: I DID ask about that new HPV vaccination, too. Guardasil...
Turns out it's totally unnessary for me. I mean.. I feel like an idiot now, thinking about it.. but apparently the strains of HPV that can cause cervical cancer are transmitted.. dundundun... sexually.
So while they make it sound like you can get it by rolling around in the mud in your front yard, it's not somthing I even need to think about because I'm in my happy monogamous relationship with Matt. So, no sexual contact with people that could have it= no need for vaccination.
I seriously thought it was somthing like lip herpes (lol) or chicken pox.. but I guess if you were exposed to it that easily a vaccination would be pointless since just about everyone would have it anyway. XD Whatever XD


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