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Baklava pt II

Still not there yet >..<
The wonder squid is awesome. Unfortunately, I can definitely say that whatever my malfunction is, it has nothing to do with using real butter vs margarine.

This batch really did turn out like 100% better from the other one. It's still not there yet, though. I don't know why the middle layers of phyllo arn't puffing/crisping up like they're supposed to. I know what the end result is supposed to look like, and mine does not look like that. It TASTES fine, though!
the middle few layers are still undercooked, but letting it go any longer would burn the top. I don't get it.

I'd almost say the oven was too hot. Every recipie I've read calls for nuking it at like 400 degrees, though. My oven wasn't keeping the temperature up there consistantly. It would drop down to 350 if I wasn't watching it carefully. And while that probably has somthing to do with it, I'm still a little confused.
Right now, I'm letting it sit overnight to soak up all that syrup.. and hopefully it will look better then. Even though it seems soggy and sad right now, the phyllo in the middle mght not look so bad after it has a sit. I dunno. I'm not too optimistic D:

I definitely think I can improve it. I think I can make it work and eventually perfect it. I'm out of ingredients right now, though, and not really feeling it.. so I dont' think I'll work on it again anytime soon.
I DID see a neat recipie for some sort of spinach/feta things that you can do with phyllo, though.. and that sounds pretty good. I might try making a batch for new year's.

Well.. howeve it looks tomorrow, I'll probably end up gorging myself on it anyway.. because even if the texture is way off and they're all fucked.. it still tastes good XD

By the way.. did I mention my basting squid is cool as hell? Because it is D:
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