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Match up game!

Hokay... New Karaoke Revolution song list released!
In true Karaoke Revolution fashion, you have no fucking clue who the artists are yet. (Which led to my ultimate dissappointment that the "Crazy" track on Party was Aerosmith and not Patsy Cline)
So.. let's play match up! I've taken a few stabbs, but got bored, so I'm leaving the rest for you guys to poke at and fill in. There are also a few tracks.. I mean.. I'm looking at the title, and I can HUM along, and know like all the lyrics...but I can't remember the artist's name to save my life.

All My Life- Peter Gabriel?
(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me- Naked Eyes ( I looked this one up :X)
Be Without You
Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson
Build Me Up Buttercup- The Foundations
Can't Help Falling In Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Dwight Yokam
Do I Make You Proud
Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me
Don't You Want Me
Every Rose Has Its Thorn- Poison
Flying Without Wings
Heartbreaker- Pat Bennatar?
Hungry Like The Wolf- Duran Duran (YES! I voted for this one on the site months ago)
If You Don't Know Me By Now- No idea, but good song
It's Not Unusual- Tom Jones (yes! pimp!)
Just The Way You Are
Let's Stay Together
Love Will Keep Us Together
More Than Words- Extreme
Photograph- Is this that creepy voyuristic STP song?
Piano Man- Billy Joel
Proud Mary- Tina Turner
Rock With You
Saving All My Love For You- Whitney Houston
She Bangs- Ricky whazzizname
Stand By Me- Ben E King
Stickwitu- Pussycat Dolls
Straight Up- Paula Abdul
Sugar, We're Going Down- Fall out boy
The Real Thing
Total Eclipse Of The Heart- Bonnie Tyler
What A Girl Wants- Christina Aguilera
You And Me
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling- Righteous Brothers

Looks like more motown& 80's.. more hairband ballads. Good stuff! It's called "Karaoke Revolution presents American Idol".... which means the game now makes more fun at you for sucking. But I don't care. The song list kicks ass

Ironically, I found out about the game because I saw a commercial for a NEW Ps2 Karaoke game called Singstar. I wouldn't have even noticed the commercial if I hadn't heard the Cure's "Friday I'm in Love" and rushed to the TV to see how they whored themselves out this time :X (Last time was that Hewlet Packard photo printer commercial w/"Pictures of You")
ANYWAY.. turns out that Singstar is like the Karaoke Revolution of Europe. It's been out a while, and it's like the big franchise over there or somthing. I'd give my nonexistant left nut for a port of Singstar 80's D:
Unfortunately, they're bringing one over with a few songs from each edition.. and a lot of songs that are already on Karaoke Revolution. IGN says the game totally blows nuts, though, and that Karaoke Revolution is far superior :X (And they said "ZOMGZ why do we want to sing along with the Cure????" Which made me doubt their credibility :X lol)
So yeah. Two updates in one day, WTF.

But Karaoke!
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