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A few days ago it was REALLY windy. All my deck furnature got knocked over, and all the leaves were blown off the deck. I thought that was pretty exciting, because I didn't want to have to go out there and sweep the deck off. I did expect to see all the leaves all over the grass, though, and I was kind of confused when I didn't.
Later the next day, I took some trash out to the bin, and saw where all the leaves ended up. They're all in a huuuuge pile by the side of the house D: Underneath my palm tree D:

My palm tree fell over!!! :(

Carpenter ants were living in it anyway... and it really needed to get trimmed. I had been thinking about getting rid of it because it was touching the house.. but in the end, I didn't. I liked the palm tree D: It was probably like one of 5 in Waco XD
I know it seems kind of odd, since they're all over southern Tx, but when I moved up here, I just didn't see any palm trees. And even though I HATED the valley (mostly the people), I liked the palm trees. So I really liked the one on the side of the house. Then it fell over >:O

I'm kind of bummed about it. But I think I'd be more bummed if another hadn't sprouted up next to it a few years ago. So even though one fell over, there's one about half it's height growing in. And since it was competing for space with the other one, it's grown out farther away from the house, so I guess it all works out in the end. Still a bummer about the other one, though. And someone(Matt) is going to get another opportunity to play with his chainsaw soon XP Since I KNOW that palm tree is bound to be really heavy. Unfortunately, there's a nest of bees somewhere closeby. I keep seeing them flying out of a pile of dead leaves on the ground. I was working on having the boy that normally comes over to do yard work take care of it.. but last time he went out to clear the leaves out, he found the bees. So now I'm not really sure what to do D: You'd think it would be too cold for them, but they're still coming in and out of wherever they're nesting.

Other than that, not much is going on here. I'm still working on FFXII, which I had convinced myself was one of the worst FF games evar (but one of the best RPGs of the year if you don't call it a FF game)... and I really was about to put it down and quit. Until I saw the Marlboro kings. THEY HAVE CROWNS AND MOUSTACHES!
That pretty much sealed the deal, and now I'm 60 hours in... and my guys are only like lvl 33. WTF.

I heard there were already problems with most of the PS3s that were released. They're selling on ebay for like 14,000 bucks. Another WTF. Dude, I want one too, but it's not like the launch game lineup is that thrilling. I'd be getting one to replace my dying PS2..(Which, consequently, I've had since PS2 release with only video port problems to speak of. None of the amazing mysterious lens/disk tray/etc problems to be seen)
But if it's just for that, I can seriously wait a while. Jan/Feb/whenever.. as long as my PS2 lasts. And for as long as I've had it, (and the large expanses of time it's been on), I think we've had our money's worth :P

Also.. We may end up quitting WoW when the expansion comes out. It's not like we arn't thrilled about it or anything.. Because we're both in the beta and loving the new content. We just hate PvP servers. I seriously wish I hadn't started on one, because every time I try and do anything on my own, I spend most of my time running back to my body and having a miserable gaming experience. It's like that on PvP beta, too.. and it's only a small TASTE of what things will actually be like when the expansion really does come out. It's going to be a nightmare. Another option would be transferring everything to a PvE server. Celine is on a PvE server, and so we do have a freind on another server. But her server blows as far as progression goes, and everyone over there is a moron XD (Except you Celine)
The server is a newer one, whereas my server's been around since launch.. so differnt kinds of people I guess?? Anyway.. it wouldn't matter that much if we changed servers, because we'd have to leave our guild behind. These are people we've known and played with for like 2 years now or whatever. Kind of hard to start over from scratch after that.. so we may just quit outright. That's also a bummer, because it's not like I really have anything better to do around here. When Matt's working, I clean house, etc.. and when I'm done cleaning for the day or doing whatever's on my list, I play games. I have fun, etc. I have NOTHING to complain about.. but there will be a big source of entertainment missing if we quit XP Not to mention, it's the only place I can go at 3AM for social interaction with our sleep schedules.
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