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Morning is getting earlier and earlier

I woke up feeling wonderful today for the first time in quite a while. I don't know if it's because of my sleep schedule or whatnot, but I usually wake up feeling groggy and flemmy, etc. It seems so rare when I can just wake up, take a deep breath of cool air, and feel awesome. I mean, even before my sleep schedule got all wonky, it didn't happen often because I would have to wake up early for school, or more school, or work, etc. And even now waking up on my own, I feel like the living dead. But today I felt great!
I also woke up at noon instead of like.. 2pm. And I went to sleep at about 3AM instead of 6 or 7.
Yesterday night, though, I was filled with such a great sence of well-being. And I have to wonder if it was in no small part to my recent aquisition of an oboe :X
I hadn't picked one up or played one in over 8 years, and I was kind of missing it. Occassionally, I'd look one up on ebay or call the local music places, but nothing had really tickled my fancy. And the ones that I thought were really nice were also 3,000+ dollars D: So the day I went to the Kimbell with KT, we stopped by and picked up that 1000 dollar selmer I was talking about. It's kind of funny.. I said it looked like a composite body from looking at the bell. But the bell IS composite. The two parts of the body are both grenadilla. Haha. Anyway.. my little frankenoboe is enough for me. It's not terribly fancy, and it's a little beaten up, but the corks and pads are in pretty good shape. And it plays ok. I'm not having ANY problems reaching the higher register (and I used to. Isn't that funny??), but I'm still having amazing problems reaching the bottom 2-3 notes of the lower register.

I've also forgotten almost everything about playing. Hahahaha

But It's coming back to me. I know all I need to do is practice enough, and pretty soon my fingers will be moving on their own again. It'll be great when I'm there, because then I can start working on some new sheet music. I've been sitting with a fingering chart next to old high school chrismas music, because that's all I could find. The first folder I grabbed had all my old clarinet music, 1 oboe book I never really liked, and 2 peices of christmas oboe. The other sheet of christmas music in there was for flute XP Sometimes, when they didn't have an oboe part in the band arrangements, they'd give me flute, and let me take it down an octave if I wanted. But I don't really want to start there. I really do think it's amazing how SMART some of these band students were back in the day, though D:

ANYWAY... I practiced until my cheeks were sore last night. It had been so long, I wasn't used to the embeshure, and had to stop before I was ready. Today I'll be able to work on it some more after Matt goes to work. I told him I wasn't going to practice while he was around until I got better, because I'm embarassed XD I'm exceptionally bad right now. It's funny how I've remembered all my stylistic crap even after forgetting fingerings, etc, though. So really, the honking is to a minimum.

After it was all said and done, though.. I finished and went to bed with an incredible sense of well being. I can't say it's directly attributed to the instrument... but I felt so at peace with myself last night. It was really strange. And when I woke up this morning, I felt great. I feel so calm right now. And really, that's not to say I feel miserable most of the time, because I don't. I don't really know how to explain it. I just feel centered today.
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