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Compelled to clean the bathroom for some strange reason.
I don't know why, but there is always tons of dust in that room. It seems to accumulate faster than any other room, including other humid rooms like the guest bathroom or kitchen. It gets so bad you can't really dust it.. you have to just take some wet cleaner and wash it off. Did that...
Tub& toilet still need to be scrubbed.
Aside from the piles and piles of toiletries, that room is starting to look pretty good.

I'm really liking the direction the guest bedroom is going in as well.

We've been living in this house for years and years, and it's just now starting to look like a house. I mean.. we still have boxes of crap that we never unpacked. And not nessesarily things that we could put in storage. I mean.. We have shelves and shelves of tabletop RPGs we never play anymore, but the stuff in boxes are like.. toys and crap. A lot of my stuff from college, too. I'm slowly starting to throw a lot of that stuff away.

In retrospect, all the pens, pencils, paper, folders, etc seem like a massively huge waste of money. I'm not using any of that stuff anymore, and just throwing it away.
I eventually felt bad and put all my old index cards to use.
I now use them to make lists. Grocery lists, cleaning lists, etc. It really helps me to have the list sitting on the counter reminding me what I need to do. More often than not, I only get one or two things off the list done, but it's still there reminding me what I still need to do.

We're getting rid of things, but the house is still feeling very cluttered. I will never have one of those model TV homes where everything has a place, and most everything has a place out of sight. It's nice to look at those homes, but I never feel AT home in places like those. It's too pristine and perfect. I do need some clutter. I'm a packrat. I love cute PVC anime figures, and I love statuettes, maquettes, statues, etc. I love Akuma's dragons, and I would never want them to be hidden away somewhere. But other stuff, I think I can part with. I know I'm a fickle creature, and I will grow out of these things eventually. I remember I was on a pokemon kick for a while because pikachu was very cute :O I am no longer on a pokemon kick. It is still cute, but I don't feel like looking at it all the time.. so a lot of the pokemon toys are in boxes places. I dont' know what to do with them all.
I mean, over the years, we have become less and less excessive with these passing fads and obsessions, but we still accumulate a lot of junk.

Ugh, I don't know. I'm still compelled to clean, but I hate parting with things I dont' feel I've gotten my full money's worth out of yet. Some of the stuff we have, I think we have.. others, I don't know..

I also don't like throwing away things that are perfectly fine. If it's not broken, there doesn't seem much of a point in getting rid of it.. but a lot of times it'll just sit in a box or closet. Like computer stuff! We replace monitors, systems, etc to upgrade when some things are still perfectly fine. I'm glad we have these flat panel monitors, though. I really couldn't imagine just hanging onto one of the huge heavy old box style monitors until it went out. But I think you need to call for a special kind of trash pickup on those because of the tubes in them or somthing O..o
I don't know. But we've had two computer monitors, part of a computer, and a perfectly good paper shredder just sitting around for years now :O

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