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A few FFXII thoughts

The latest Final Fantasy game is desperately trying not to be a Final Fantasy game.
And I really can't blame it.

IMO, Square has really gone downhill with their games. I'm talking about stuff that was always in-house with them. Not Enix, not things that they just happened to publish, etc. But THEIR games. VP2 was awesome. But that's Tri-ace. It's only being published through Squeenix because of the merger :O I haven't tried Children of Mana yet.. but I'm told that the DS port of Final Fantasy III is much better. FFIII!!! As in.. a port of an ancient game with revamped graphics.

The new FF kind of reminds me of say.. a cross between Vagrant Story and Kingdom Hearts.
It's cool that it's set in Ivalice...
And yes, every time I hear the crystal theme and the main FF theme, I get choked up. But goddamn if this doesn't FEEL like a FF game, and goddamn if it's not refreshing.
I really think they should bury the series. Start calling it somthing else.
They don't have the original creators anymore.. the series has been going downhill.. and eventually tagging "Final Fantasy" on the box is going to stop selling copies.
If it wasn't for the fact that I saw a chocobo, a bomb, a few moogles, and picked up a phoenix down, I wouldn't have known it was an FF game. And honestly.. I probably would have sat a lot better with me.

The character designs are really uninspired. That main guy looks like Tidus who looks like Squall/cloud/whatever.. and dresses kind of like Sora. I don't even remember the dude's name and I have like 7 hours on my save file. Oh, and Mr. Unshaved prisoner captain Borscht guy looks a LOT like Ewan McGreggor as Obi Wan D:
Moogles look like tactics moogles because this happens in ivalice, etcetc
The towns look like pretty standard middle eastern rugs& hookahs & sand everywhere kind of places.. but with the occassional space ship...
Ugh. I want to punch all the characters...(Though the way they throw you into the story is pretty cool)

OH! Did I mention the game plays itself? You can set it so all you have to do is wander around and piss things off. As soon as you enter combat, you can have all your guys run around and heal/cast/fight/whatever on their own. You don't even need to play the game! You can practically just sit back and watch everything. Like a 60 hour long badly edited movie with no montages to show your guys lvling to 99. Maybe it's so the fanboys can move around with one hand on the controller, and jerk off to the Yuna lookalike heroine with the other. Guh

That being said, I am really impressed with the voicework on this one. X was ok, but omg I hate Yuna. I think this just goes to show that EVERYTHING is better with a brittish accent. I love the pirate guy.
But yeah, much better voice work in this one than some of their previous games. It's hard to represent 4 different species of sentient creatures without going all george lucas on them (and giving them one stereotypical accent per country). I mean, the game does kind of have a Star Wars feel to it.. but whatever. Voices are good.

I'll probably play this one for a few more hours and wonder why I haven't conquered SMT:DS:KRvsSA or VP2 yet. Then I'll probably regain my senses, do that, try out Children of Mana, and eventually get back to this FF. I really have to give the designers credit for trying to do somthing different with the franchise, but they just need to kill it and break off and do somthing new and interesting.
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