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FFXII is out

And so is Children of Mana. I bought them both, but I need to finish Devil Summoner& VP2 >:O
(And I'm at the end of both)

Oh yeah, and I'm on the gamestop website in a big mass of cosplayers all hoping at a chance for a new PS2. Mine's really sucking. We've had it since PS2 launch, and it has... problems...
We take good care of our shit, but I think it's just going out from usage and age. So winning a new PS2 would be awesome D:
Especially since it's going to be a while until we get the PS3.


I'm a total dork, and have a photo of myself being a dork on gamestop.com.
I totally win at life.

In other news..
We didn't kill C'thun last night (31% wipe >..<)
The house has almost recovered from the halloween party. (Just a little scrubbing of sticky spots on the floor to do)
For dinner, I'm making frito pie D: Because I have fritos, chili, and cheese
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