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Curry2: The Currying

Much better this time.
I ditched the idea of the bonito stock and went with good old MSG-soaked Wyler's chicken cubes. I dumped in more stock base than I did last time. I also sauteed half of my onions and added them to the soup stock with a little portion of the spices and let that simmer while I was cooking the meat& veggies. I heavily seasoned the beef this time, and has much smaller peices of beef. Still had a few problems thickening it, but I was able to adjust it a lot more quickly this time.

In the end, I have a much more flavorful curry that is still mild. I'd dare to say it's milder than the other batch, but it still has heat to it. The heat just doesn't linger after you've finished eating. Curry turned out great this time!

I'm happy I've figured out how to make it without a mix, since I don't have a lot of options here.

Still have cleaning& sewing to do >..>
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