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Further Curry Misadventures

Curry, like anything spiced.. develops a more unique flavor the longer it's had to sit.
The nice thing about ordering it from Shogun, or using a mix is that it tastes great right out of the pot. I had high hopes for the curry developing in flavor the longer it sat in the fridge. I've been slowly whittling down the leftovers.. and while it SMELLS better and better every day, it still tastes as bland as ever :( If I added more curry powder, it would be too hot. I don't have many other spices I can add that would go with it.. and I dumped a bunch in while it was cooking.. (My curry powder didn't have any paprika in it, so I added a bunch.. and I added a ton of garlic, since you can't really go wrong with garlic..)

ANYWAY.. I'll eat all the leftovers. It'll probably take me another 2-3 days, but they'll be gone. And I'll still be reflecting why I couldn't bring out a better flavor in the beef OR roux.. and why after eating a huge bowl of it, it feels like I haven't eaten anything at all D:

Hallucinotory curry that doesn't exist. That's got to be it.

Still cleaning XP
All the old mail is taken care of though. This was a pretty massive undertaking, since we found some 2003 bank statements in some of the mystery boxes. I have a LOT of shredding to do now, though. I did a bunch last night.. but I still have more.
This is essentially my last trash week before the party, too.. and I'm kind of screwed.
I have two black bags and a bunch of trash boxes by the door that need to go. Plus one bag in the house that is full. We will make at least one more bag in the course of the week.. and I can probably fill two more bags with shredded mail. I'm wondering if we should just torch all the shredded mail... or maybe do what we did last year, and take it all out in the middle of the night and dump it in some strange can somewhere.
I'm kind of leaning towards the second option.

It was funny as hell last time we did it, though. We make about 2 bags of trash a week. There's room in the can for 3 and some collapsed boxes if you pack it in there. So.. this lets me throw away a little extra every week. When I get in my cleaning modes, I'll make a ton of bags of non-perishable trash that will just sit next to the door until they all gradually make it into the can. Last year, there was a TON of non-perishable trash before the party. I'd gotten a lot of cleaning done, and there wern't enough weeks to throw everything away. So.. my little brother and I packed it all into his car. We filled the trunk and the back seat, and drove around. We actually got kind of lost, and dumped it in the can in the darkest alley we could find. When we drove around to the storefront, it turns out we dumped it all in the Jo Ann's trash bin XD The fabric store I buy almost all my crap at! har har har

Anyway. I don't have nearly that much crap yet. I could probably work on it, though. We have a bunch of old, burnt out, long flourescent tube lights that need to go. They won't fit in the can, so they've kind of piled up. They'll have to go on a midnight bin rush after we finish changing the lights out.

Then, it's just mailing Makoto's box of fun, cleaning off the kitchen table, organizing those last two bags of remnants, and sewing my costume.
After that, I'll be in the clear for pre-party vaccuming, sweeping, dusting, and scrubbing.

I seriously doubt anyone that's been here before will see any difference.. lol
But I feel like I'm getting a lot done.
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