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Curry.. kind of

The Shogun hibachi place that we usually go to changed management recently. They put in new carpeting, changed the menu, and got rid of some of the decorations that separated the regular seating from the hibachi areas. For the most part, these changes were fine. BUT.. they took my curry off the menu :(
I'm really kind of bummed out about this, because it's nice to say "I don't feel like cooking. I really want curry. Let's go get curry!!"
It was AWESOME stuff, too, because it wasn't too hot. I don't do well with spicy foods.. and liking curry is kind of counter-productive for my poor taste buds. But.. the stuff at Shogun was really mild. I mean.. it was a little spicy, but everyone else would say it's mild. Whatever. Anyway.. they took it off the menu and I can't get it anymore :(
It took a few weeks of going occassionally to find somthing else I liked& would order regularly. But their sukiyaki steak is really good. So that's my new regular thing.

This leaves me in a curry conundrum, though D:
I found out that even our big fancy schmancy HEB doesn't carry any sort of curry mix. This means, if I want curry, I have to make the roux from scratch.
I have curry powder that I got in Houston last year with my dad, and it's still good. But it's an Indian curry blend. I figured I'd try and come up with somthing anyway and see what happens.

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out :( It's not bad. It's just not great. I used onion, potato, carrots, and beef. That part was fine. The curry roux gave me a hell of a time, though. It didn't thicken up like it was supposed to, so I dumped tons of flour& cornstarch in there. It didn't end up chunky, thank god.. because I had the patience to work with the goo before I dumped it in to thicken it up. It's a bit spicier than I like, but not bad. For all that spice, though, it just tastes kind of bland. I dont' know what's missing. I also have a LOT left over. I'm thinking about dumping some coconut milk in there, and hoping that it's going to develop a better taste over time XP

I think I'm seriously going to look into ordering curry mix over the internet, though. That way I can have it when I want it >:( Without messing up the kitchen I just cleaned for sub-par results.

I've also tracked down the source of my productivity. I think it's because the map system on new new Megaten Devil summoner is driving me batty. I always get turned around on the maps, and when I hit the world map screen, you can't go wherever you want. Sometimes you have to exit the town area from a certain spot on the map to get where you want on the world map, and it drives me nuts. Especially for all the running around you have to do in this game. (Detectives, HELLO)... So... I'm on chapter 4 and I get bored every time I have to run around on the map screen >:(

Need to re-clean the kitchen anyway. That curry I made yesterday made a huge mess.. and I only cleaned half of it up last night. Akuma then took that half-clean kitchen and finished the job for me by making pancakes. Such good pancakes, though :O I love it when he makes me pancakes in the morning <3

Anyway.. it looks like I'll be eating curry for like a week. I'm just glad it's not totally gross. It's really not that bad. It's good enough that I don't mind eating it for a week. It's just not OMFG delicious
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