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Oh yes. I am on a roll

BAM! All the laundry in the house is done! I also managed to empty one of my cosplay suitcases and put it away. (usually 2 half-unpacked suitcases sit on the floor until the next convention. I'm one more half-unpacked suitcase away from a view of the floor I haven't seen in years) AND I got cat litter done.. AND all the dishes in the house.. AND all the kitchen counters& stove scrubbed..AND trash! :O WHEW!
I also threw away about 50 magical empty jewel cases (where did they come from? NO ONE KNOWS!) and put like 50 empty CD cases in their place. A lot of our CDs make it into this big binder, which saves space. But we don't put everything in there. Anyway.. we had a lot of empty cases on a tower... which is kind of a waste of space unless you just want cases there showing people what you listen to. Frankly, I don't care what people think of the music I listen to, because I already know many people will think I have bad taste.. lol. SO.. I took all the empty cases and put them in one of the storage areas along the wall, and took the opportunity to get rid of ALL the random towers of CDs sitting around the computer room. It's a lot of work for somthing that is barely noticable.
However.. I'm feeling a massive sense of accomplishemnt. And I'm on a cleaning roll!

I am going to go fold laundry next. If I actually put it all away, all I will need to do is clean off a table and move a bunch of computer stuff into the computer room, and I will have a spotless guest bedroom! :O
(Well, vaccuming and all that aside.. I'm going to do that next week)

From the big list of doom lower down, this leaves me with a list that is probably about the same length D: I just keep adding to it...

~Large box of Mako-crap to mail. (I srsly lost mailing address. Will have to call at a decent hour tomorrow)
~Fabric remnants on floor
~Old mail.. (Matt's job lolololol)
~Burnt out lightbulbs in guest bathroom
~Scrubbing of tubs/toilets/sinks of said bathroom (Probably also Matt's job. HAHA)
~Re-stringing the lights on the feather boas
~Putting up halloweeny decorations
~Scrub patio furnature
~Finish cleaning off kitchen table

Seriously.. if I can get that crap done in like a week.. I'll be set to vaccum/sweep/dust and have the house looking really good for the first time in a while.

Weather-wise, we haven't had a noticable cold front yet :( But it has been steadily cooling off. This has made the air very fresh. I opened a few of the sliding doors around the house while I was cleaning yesterday, and it was amazing. It felt so nice, and I think that may have been why I was getting so much done.

Oh.. and I put together the little fire pit thingie that Matt bought for the stone-paved sunning area behind the gate. We're going to continue to pay our usual kid to work on that area some more to make it look really nice, so we have two different smoking areas at the party. Their parents threw a smores party quite a while back, where they had a similar area set up with a standing fire pit, cooler with drinks, chairs, etc. They also had christmas lights strung around the wooden fence and it looked REALLY nice. So, in the tradition of many of the other things I've incorporated into my halloween parties.. I'm totally stealing the idea if the area is cleaned up enough& looks nice by then.

If the weather is nice around the time of the party, I might try to move most of it outside.. depending on how many people come.
There are always people that show up uninvited, and if I'm breaking record attendance this year, I don't want them all in the house at the same time :P I really don't mind when people stop by and hang out. It's great. What bothers me is when the same people crash year after year, KNOWING my liquor policy and not contributing.

It's pretty simple. If you want to drink.. bring a bottle with you, and I'll give you full access to the bar. If you don't know what to bring, I have a list of stuff I need.
The same people come year after year, though, either bringing nothing, or bringing crap no one will drink (that was leftover from their own parties) and drinking all my crap :P
Just bugs me XP Especially since I really ask for so little. We spend a ton of money every year on food, booze, etc to show our freinds a good time, to have a few people come over every year, trash the place, and contribute nothing. It sucks >:O

This reminds me, though.. It's about time to call everyone I know locally and remind them that the thing is still going on this year.

And I need to make my costume D:
Theme is: NINJAS!
So, I'm making Ibuki from Street fighter.
But I will probably be wearing my bloodberry bodysuit underneath.. or some black stretch pants or tights or somthing. No way I'm showing off that much hip& ass XD haha


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