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CURE-Chibi Usa is Really Evil

Bite chibi Usa! I'm in a weird mood. I've been surfing ebay a lot recently... I guess I just feel like spending money or somthing. When you find lots of manga on ebay for cheap $$ ammounts, you just can't pass them up, though....
That and plush dolls... my two weaknesses... I'm just glad that I haven't started to seriously collect Anime Cels... I have some nice ones, like one of Reiha's first appearences in the Vampire Princess Miyu TV show, and a Miaka cel from the TV series where she's in Konan in her PJs, reading the "I Love You" note from Tamahome... I REALLY REALLY want a sailor Pluto cel, though, DAMMNIT. She's my fav.. they had a cel of her from her transformation sequence.. rather valuable, I'd have to say...but it was so much! I couldn't affort a couple hundred bucks for a cel... Maybe one day, when I'm rich and famous... after I win the lottery or somthing.. heh. Blah. I found an awesome website, though, that has translations of RG Veda on it.. which is very cool. I can start reading it now. The manga doesn't have the small hiragana next to all the kanji ( Like little kid's manga! lol) so I can't read it all.. Oh well ^..^


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