HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Now on Episode.. um.. 78!

So I guess it's not much to mention, but yesterday I decided to get caught up on Bleach. I hadn't really downloaded anything new since it was licenced. It was about when the filler season started, so I wasn't really that interested. I mean, the Soul Society arc had just ended, and the filler season seemed kinda BS, so I didn't feel like going out of my way to find a place to download 'illegal' fansubs. (I'll be buying it all on DvD when it starts coming out next month.. BUT ANYWAY..)

So yeah... Ichigo-tachi vs. the army of vampires.

What a great idea for a filler season!

Oh well, it's not a total loss. After all this time, I've finally found out what color the lining of Kurotsuchi Mayuri's captain's coat is. Forest green!
Now I have to decide whether or not to line mine. I mean, I would prefer to rip the hems& line it to make a finished garment. On the other hand, the costume is already very warm. Lots of layers, some with foam, and that big stuffed purple thing that never sits straight. Another layer would probably kill me. I think I might do it anyway if I have the right color fabric on hand, though, because it really bugs me that I love the costume so much, but it's not a finished garment. Since the outside is a kind of rubbery-feeling shiny weird stretch stuff with a ribbed texture, I was thinking crepe satin for lining. That, or something matte. I think it would actually sit better with a smooth/shiny lining, though, otherwise it might gather up and sit weird on top of the coarse wool of the black kimono. Any geeky thoughts on this? No idea when I'm wearing it next, or what con. But I do like the coat. (Need to fix the weird gold face-things before next con, too. They've been kind of abused, and the bottom ring needs to be remade on all 3)


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