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Some new photos up

I uploaded a few of the hide photos from Afest last weekend. I need to upload some of the silly pictures we took.. as well as the newer Mayuri photos. These were taken by Celine :D
I'd like to do a longer photoshoot when I can figure out how to pose in this costume. Maybe somthing outside for some good lighting.

If I ever manage to find more of the fabric I used for the bow, I'd like to add another set or two of tails. I THINK the bow in the PV had two sets of tails, but I would like to make a long set to make things move more when I walk. I think I also need to add more stabilizer to the shoulders of the silly yoke-thing, since it's hard to keep it stiff, even with shittons of interfacing.

ANYWAY, here you go! I hope they don't dissappoint >..<

Oh yeah- And the Norn Petticoat is gone XP
I totally forgot it in the hotel room. Even though I only bought like 2 DvDs and some keychains (that fit in my suitcase), the petticoat didn't fit in the grey back that nothing new was added to >..< So, I left it on the bed while we looked in the dealer's room one last time. When we loaded up the cart, I planned on carrying it by hand, but for whatever reason, forgot to pick it up. I called the hotel right away, but they were all like "call back later lolz. Houskeeping won't find it until 6pm." I gave them my info, and they said they'd call back, but I think I will have to call them tomorrow, and hope that housekeeping didn't throw it away or think it was supposed to be laundered or whatever. Akuma said if it wasn't that expensive, I should just forget about it and buy another, but it was the one I bought for my wedding dress.. and those are like 40 bucksish. I don't remember what I paid for mine, but replacing it would would cost about that much, I think. I just hope I can get it back


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