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End Saturday! :O

Yesterday I wore the hide costume, and one dude recognized me!! There were two girls that really really wanted my picture, but I don't know if they recognized the costume or not :(
But I must admit, my makeup was awesome, and I'm really happy with how that costume turned out. The wig is pretty heavy because of the tail thing, though, so it takes LOTS of hair pins to keep it from sliding back. I should probably try sewing a comb into the front or somthing. I'm still thinking about adding a few more extensions... so we'll see.

Mayuri needs cowl and face mask re-made. Poor costume is so over-used. Got a great reception for the costume today, though, and lots of pictures with the bleach photoshoot @6.

Tomorrow, I am wearing my Kuromori costume to my cosplay panel and also to the ABe& Ueda panel. I think I'm going to miss the 11AM Ueda panel. (He'll be talking about Hellsing, etc. He was also music producer for the Legend of Black Heaven!!)

I've been scheduled against almost all of the Japanese guest panels, which is a bit of a bummer. I also forgot my Haibane art box.. which I was REALLY looking forward to getting autographed by the two of them.. so I don't know what I'll get autographed. If they don't have anything there, I think I will get my halo or perhaps some feathers on the wings signed. I really don't know :( I really wanted my DVD art box autographed :( Halo would probably be best, huh?

Anyway, Akuma is bummed because the hotel internet sucks and he can't play wow because it laggs so badly. Celine is staying with us, and it's been a lot of fun. We were supposed to get trashed, but I really wanted to shower first. She fell asleep while I was showering and it's only 10pm D:


Gonna check in on the guild site and see what's shaking, then I'm going to get my costume ready for tomorrow. Should be comfy.


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