HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Back in Waco!

Afest tomorrow D:

Celine, give me a call if you see this. If AceofSpades lives in the Dallas area, and isn't riding with you, you should come by the house tonight, or EARLY tomorrow morning, and carpool up with us (unless you're leaving before monday :X)

For those of you keeping up, zoinomiko guessed said mystery costume! :O hide from XJapan's animated music video for Rusty Nail! :O (Soon I will have cosplayed at least one member of each of my favorite bands.. hahaha)

New checklist!

Finishing Costumes

~Elastic on the back of the eyebandvisorthing
~Attach gradiated hairtail thing to wig somehow.
Best ideas on how to do this thus far: Magic, wishing, powers of procrastination


Hikari's wing harness& wings

Store tomorrow

Food for con

This is going to be a high-luggage convention :( I will probably give Norn a little bit of a con break after this, because I am tired of lugging that costume around :X I love it, but it's huuuuuuge. LARGE petticoat, plus 3 non-packable items (tail, hat, wand) make it a pain in the ass. PLUS I have two sets of haibane wings this con XP Akuma will hate me.


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