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BAAAAAAaaaaa ~Dont' arrest me for loving sheep too much

Needless to say.. definite weird mood day.
I have a new scanner now.. it makes me happy.. But due to copious computer problems, we haven't set it up yet. When we do, I'll scan in my Zagato for you. Oooh... and I got my Zagato plushie in the other day.. it's so much healthier to squeeze than a cel. I also got 3 other cels in.. 1) Tate-san from Nazca in his white outfit int he middle of a sword fight.. and 2&3 are both Santa cels from Dragon Pink. Don't ask.. heh.. it's a hentai.. but I'll scan those in so you can see them too. The cels are from a hentai, but are not hentai in nature at the moment. ^..^
I found some grey doeskin plush that MAY work for Alucard's hair. It really isn't what I wanted, but I think it's as close as I can get. I'll take a picture when I'm done. Maybe I'll even feel like making the other 3 I promised I'd make after this one >..<**
I had an idea earlier. I should make Kiji-kun a Crappyman plush!
I should also make a blonde with a bloddy detatchable head. ^..^ Wheee! Too bad I don't have as much time to make these things. I think after I get my patters more solid, it'll be better, ne?


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