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In Houston

We made it to Houston today. First thing we did after we checked in was figure out how to get to the museum without stealing our car back from the valet. We were super lazy. I think we might even get room service for breakfast. I feel so spoiled. Hedonism bot would be proud.
I called dad to let him know we got into town safely, then I called Bevo for ideas about how to get to the musem. I totally didn't like her ideas, so I chatted with guests services in the hotel lobby for a while. There's a rail line that putters arount downtown that's a buck a ride, and it goes from very close to the hotel down to the museum district. We wandered around downtown for a bit and found the rail line, then rode it to the museum. It was fun :X I may be a total dork, but I really enjoyed wandering around downton with my husband :) We didn't DO anything downtown, but I still enjoyed it.
After we hit the museum, we found out we had an hour to wait to get into the next exhibit showing of Bodyworlds 3. Boo! We figured that would be enough time to check out the permenant exhibits, but Akuma wasn't feeling too well, so we wandered around looking for a pharmacy for a while. We heard there was one "right across the street" from the museum, but I totally couldn't find it. So, we went back in to look at the permenant exhibits. When we got there to show our tickets, though, they said we didn't have to wait anymore, and that they were letting people in regularly at the moment.
The exhibit was amazing! I am VERY thankful that we were able to make it here today to see it. If anything, my one major complain was that they WERN'T staggering entrance into the exhibit, and we stood in line for 10 min before we even saw the first item on display. It really bothered me because there wasn't a whole lot of room to move around the slow asses listening to the audio guide, and the lines were moving VERY slowly around the glass cases. From my brief stint in museum studies, I know why they they did it. Museums are all about scraping together as much money as they can.. and the flow of the exhibit was meant for a steady flow of people to move through the exhibit and see everything. But that only works when people are freaking moving. We gave up on reading any of the plaquards next to the items, and tried to wedge our way in to see as many of the full-sized exhibits as possible. It was just too hard to see the stuff in the glass cases in between the streams of people.. because as soon as one would move out, before I has a chance to lean in and see somthing, some jerk was moving in front of me. It really almost ruined the experience for me because it was so damned frustrating and maddening.

Despite all that, I was VERY glad to have gone. I know that if I had not, I would have regretted it forever. Just one of those things, you know? I really saw this exhibit as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it was much larger and more impressive than I had hoped/imagined it would be.
I'm just so happy to have had the chance to see it. We bought a T-shirt, and a catelouge of the exhibits. It has photos of all of the displays from all bodyworlds, not just the 3rd one (the one we saw). I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that Akuma really enjoyed it as well. Even though he was feeling kind of sick from the car ride, he thought it was really cool. Just overall... it was a very happy, fulfilling experience.

BTW- Completely unrelated, but I just saw somthing interesting on "How it's Made." I always wondered why men's and women's buttons were on opposite sides of the fabric. It's so that men could unbutton jackets with one hand while drawing a sword.. and women's maids would have an easier time dressing them. Wow!

Tomorrow: Drive back to Waco. Finish my hide bow& find way to sew hairtail to wig. Pack
Friday: Drive to Dallas. Partake of the Animefest. Photowhore extensively and try not to make an ass of myself in front of Yoshitoshi ABe& Yasuyuki Ueda :X I read an interview where Ueda said (pharaprasing ahoy!) 'We don't create these things for people to latch onto and obsess over'


Really, though, I don't consider myself a screeching horrible fangirl over their work, but I REALLY do enjoy it, and I like to show my love for it through my hard work on things like costumes... which in turn show other people quite obviously that it's somthing I love. Oh well! Embarassing Japanese guests by showing up to their panels dressed as their characters? WHY NOT??? :D I wouldn't be the first!

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