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Experiments in human hair!

Long story short, Waco has hundreds of wigs, but none in "party" colors. The costume shops that still have halloween sections open have bad selections for another month or so. All of the other places that carry wigs either cater to rich old ladies or the "ethnic" customer base. (Their words, not mine)
These places, however, have LOTS of extensions. And sometimes really strangely colored short wigs.

So, I found a short red synthetic wig with a lot of body, and bought a TON of human hair in the PERFECT color for my little last minute cosplay project, and I've been wefting the hair to the wig. I'm almost done now. I've reached the top, and I need to make a few scores in the wig cap so I can hide the base of the wefts, and in about 2-3 more wefts, I'll be done.

Said mystery cosplay project's visor is also almost done. I need to add elastic to the back to keep it on. Then it will also be done.

In-progress photos below. No one has had an idea to guess/guessed/or cared enough to guess, so I'll give it another day or so. Until I have the robes sewn at least.




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