HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Animefest to-do list:

~Rip off other half of neckband& resew



Brand-new last-minute costume:
~Sew white robes
~Add red trim to neck& sleeves
~Finish last few pink wefts on wig
~Finish painting silver eyeband& affix eye to the front
~Add elastic to the back of eyeband thing
~make hairtail
~Attach hairtail to wig
~make bow& tails
~make waistband
~sew clasps onto waistband
~make obiage?

Bonus points if you guess what it is.
Hints: Jrock.. it's a group I love... I spent forever trying to track down an original VHS copy of this PV back in the day XD
Costume will be revealed after you guys guess a few times :X

I need to have everything packed by next Tues! We leave for Houston on Weds, and when we come back on Thurs, I'm not going to want to have to work on Afest stuff D:


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