HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

OK, really going to do it this time

Trip to Houston soon to see Body Worlds 3.
It's going to be gone Sept 4th. I'm going to be at Animefest 1-4 anyway.. so it's going to be before that. I'm thinking maybe the weds/thurs before Afest?
Still not sure yet... but I NEED to see this before it's gone. I know I will regret it otherwise.
I remember when I first posted it months and months ago, there were a few of you who said they were interested in seeing it to. I can't help you with the tickets, but if you're serious about going and want to carpool, let me know. We're probably going to be staying in a hotel close to the museum, since the drive is a pain in the ass. I'm going to get with Celine about a super happy awesome frends& family discount :D I'm also going to get with my brother to see if he wants to go, too. Right now, the backseat of my cruiser is clear, so if we carpool, I can take 2-3 people back there. (It's not a huge car, so probably 2 to be comfy)... and this all depends on my brother& his entourage :P But yeah. Definitely going to go now while it's open.

Body Worlds 3 Look at Gunther von Hagen's work with plastination!


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