HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

I thing I should re-decorate my living room

It needs to look like an opium den. Oh yes. And I will put a hookah on top of the cabinet with the videogme systems.
Because I am about to finish another game binge :P Almost finished with Suikoden 5 now. And really, it's probably just as harmful to be laying strung out on PS2 as any type of illegal narcotic. I mean, really D:

Now that I think of it, though, it probably would look really cool if I re-decorated the living room :P Unforunately, there's not a whole lot I can think to do with it theme-wise with the furniture we have. Ours is definitely function over form. -..-

I did have this really great idea, though. I don't really like how the hood over the fireplace is HUUUGE and black. It's always been like.. a big black block in the middle of the living room. But it's over the fireplace, so there's not a lot I could do with it. I thought it would be pretty cool to paint a mural or somthing on it, but even though we never use the fireplace, I didn't think I'd be able to, since obviously paint+heat=bad. I was watching this REALLY crappy surprise-we-redecorated-your-room shows, though,and found out they make heat resistant paints that you can use for areas like that. The ones they had on the show were in spray cans, but if you could get them in regular cans/pots/whatever, I think it would be really cool to re-create van gogh's Starry Night across the top. It's somthing I think I could do, since it's just a bunch of dashes and dots :X I think if I had a good blown-up photo, I could do a fair job copying it, and it would be a nicer focal point in the room. You know.. as opposed to BIG BLACK BLOCK(mantle), or BIG BLACK BLOCK UNLESS IT'S TURNED ON, THEN IT'S CARTOON NETWORK (tv)

Knowing how lazy I am, though, It'll probably never happen :X


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