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Hinduism.. lawl

That's all I should really say about DDS, and just be done with it XD
I think I posted before.. waaaay back when I started, about how silly this game was. I mean, it adds great flavor.. but yeah.. whatever. You can use your gun attack to.........ATTACK WITH THE MIGHTY PRANA BEAM FOR GREAT VICTORY!
-..- Rack up that Karma so you can level up kiddos, it's time to teach you new mantras for better attack skills.
I THOUGHT I answered all the questions in the first game correctly, but Heat took off and left me with Roland at the end, but I've warmed up to him quit a bit :O

As an aside, I loaded my SMT:Nocturne game for shits& giggles. I was curious just to see what transferred over in New Game + mode, but I couldn't think of what to name my characters. So Isamu became Jerkface McGee, the teacher because Whiny Bitch, etcetc. So it was funny when Chiaki told me Jerkface couldn't find Ms. Bitch. D: Srsly, I have no life.
In any case.. new game plus sucks because you don't start with any magatama >:O But going through the story made me realize somthing...
Hijiri really kinda looks familiar..


I'm getting a ton of cleaning done. I almost wish I could have a garage sale for my fabric remnants, but I think it would end in heartbreak and about 2 bucks in quarters :P
If anyone locally is looking for some interesting fabrics for craft projects, give me a call. I have way too much random stuff on my hands, and not enough Amano costumes planned to get rid of it all.

I've been repairing wings a little bit, though.. really looking forward to Afest. They announced another guest recently, too! I don't remember the group's name, but it was a band I wasn't familiar with. They were attached to some anime themes, though.. one of them being Eureka7. I still haven't seen it, but I recognized the name from Makoto& Ringo's recent AX wonderflex exploits.

We're probably going to hit the stores and pick up the V for Vendetta DvD today.

That's about it for me. :X I appologize in advance. If you don't play any sort of videogames, my journal must be a horribly boring read :P
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