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I will grow up to be the Phantom Limb's sidekick.. THE PHANTOM TOOTH!

I went to the dentist today to have one of my teeth looked at. I had two root canals+ two crowns a few months back (as you guys may or may not recall)... and it's been mostly great! One of them feels just like the rest of my teeth, and I can't even tell it's there. The other one is possessed by Satan.

It's hard to describe, but sometimes the tooth feels like it's throbbing... or loose.. or the area around the tooth feels weird, etc. There's no pain. I mean.. I had a root canal, so I wouldn't expect pain.. but it just feels WEIRD. So, naturally, I was worried that my crown might be loose, or there might be a larger problem with the remainder of the tooth under the crown.

The dentist says everything looks great. And I totally beleive him, but neither of us has any reason why it just feels weird and the other doesn't. He says he's heard similar stories his whole career, though. Phantom tooth pain :O
Though, apparently, the term "phantom" ANYTHING pain is out of style. So.. like any good doctor, when we couldn't figure out what was wrong, he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic, and told me to watch out for pus draining from the top of the gum (which would indicate a problem with the root of the tooth that would need to be cleaned out).


So anyway.. assuming there's no real problem with the tooth, I'm going to be living with this really strangely feeling alien tooth for the rest of my life :O (Or until it gets yanked. Whatever's sooner)

Other than that, though, today was reasonably productive.
Got my scavenger hunt mailed out, hit up the vets for some flea medication (senpu hates it), and got some housework done :O

Man.. this tooth feels weird :(


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