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Scavenger hunt!

I've been working on a scavenger hunt for the past month :)
It was in like last month's Toyfare mag, and it looked like fun.
I was really dissappointed when it seemed no one wanted to help me with it, though. Tried to get my husband and my brother to help, because I thought it would be fun... but they didn't seem interested at all :(

Anyway.. some of the stuff has been fun.. like the macaroni, glitter& construction paper recreation of a famous movie poster. I also drew a picture of chuck norris today. I felt creepy. I think it turned out pretty well, though. Despite being creepy.

A good freind came out with me to run around town, take silly pictures, and collect more stuff. I think we did pretty good with the point total. There are still a few things I think I can do to get it up there before I turn everything in, though.. and I need to develop some of the pictures of me being an ass around town. If I can get them to give me a hard copy, and a copy on CDrom, I'll upload a few to share.

The chances of me winning are like 0, but I had fun doing it. I spent maybe 30 bucks total on some of the things I didn't have lying around the house, but that's a cheap date, so I didn't mind so much. I'd like to share the macaroni poster& chuck drawing sometime in the future. Have to wait and see how the pictures turn out I guess! It MUST be postmarked by Aug. 1st.. so I think I'm going to try to mail it on Monday. If it's postmarked by the 31st, I should get an extra point for mailing it 1 day early. I really wanted to have it mailed out sooner, but it took me a while to find a freind to do the rest with that was actually interested in going out, doing somthing a little different, and having fun :) And making bad art.

I'm pretty worn out from all the running around. I need to get somthing to eat, though, because I feel like I had a frappuchino for breakfast, and a chicken wrap for lunch. Maybe some soup for dunner. I guess the wrap would be more like dinner hours? I ate it around 4:30, but I woke up at 12:30, so whatever XD
I'm still going to have my tomato soup. You cannot take my soup from me!!

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