HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

DDS2, Suikoden 5, and general platform game BS

I am on the sun! The sun is the final dungeon! Let's go talk to God!


Oh my god. There was this massive cinematic of the most convoluted retarded story evar. I think I have to put the game down D:
It's like.... watching the first matrix movie.. being told everything that happens in the second, and then watching the third expecting it to be GOOD.

And WTF. I thought I answered all my questions in both games correctly, and Roland got pushed into my party >:O Go away, Tony Stark! I don't need your drunken shinnanegans with your resists and magic proficiencies that make no sense!

Akuma is done with Suikoden 5, so I think I might play it. He said he needs to do one or two more things on his older file and then beat it again, so I can start a new game with his clear data and get a lot of cool stuff. Kinda like cheating! He said all the boss battles are retardedly easy, so I had him start the first DDS. He'll probably fight a few unforgiving boss battles with the wrong skill sets and file for divorce :X

I have been thinking about picking up my Nocturne save file again, though. I have a few pre-clear files on a memory card somewhere. I didn't get all of the high-end demons, so I saved a few files so I could level grid and try again. I think Rebby's got the trumpeter and the harlot in his party now. Good times!

(That, or I'm going to pick up Magna Carta again, but the battle system is a little annoying for timing-deficient nublets like myself.)
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