HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

50 emails! D:

I hadn't realized it had been so long since I cleared the box out. Man.. I'm getting really bad with that. To be fair, though, I have PM notifications turned on for this one BBS, and everytime I get a message, a notification pops up in my email. And since we had a major drama explosion recently, the box was flooding with notifications I already knew about. XP

For those curious, it's WoW related. And for the ammount of time I play the stupid game, I don't really go in depth about it here. I'm part of the leadership of the guild I am in, and it's a fairly large raiding guild... meaning we regularly get like 40 people together to go kill big dragons, etc. You get too many people in one room with each other for an extended period of time, though, and stuff like this is kind of unavoidable. It's made me think a lot about social interaction on the internet.

I've heard people say in various forums that they hate the highschool drama bullshit that happens sometimes.. but really, I don't think it's somthing restricted to highschool. You have the same kind of backbiting and bitching ANY time you stick so many people together for a long peroid of time. Jobs, hobbies, school, whatever. College is so laid back because you're in a room with a different group of 40 people every hour or so, and you never interact with them. But you're sure as hell going to have interpersonal drama with the hobby groups that see each other every day or every weekend for years, you know?

So there's this group of people I see every day, every week, for over a year now.. and there's trouble between various individuals. The guild as a whole tries to play nice and be "adult" about it, but I guarantee you.. you hit any nursing home, and there's drama between the residents there. It's not like it ever ends.
So my email gets flooded and I feel like drinking XP

So.. I've been trying to spend more time away from that stupid game, doing other things. I've been cooking a lot more for Akuma, and doing a little cleaning, etc.
I'm pretty sad that I'm going to have to make some major alterations to the Edward costume I bought from gentileshi... but there's not much I can do about it. It's either alter it, or throw away all that money on a pretty costume for my dressform, you know? Another option being re-sale, but I really don't want to sell it. It's such a gorgeous costume, so I think I will make it work.
I still haven't felt like doing anything for A-fest. I have 0 self esteem when it comes to my looks now. I think I'll probaly just stick with Mayuri and Haibane costumes for A-fest this year. If Ray goes, I might pull out the very silly and very unflattering dammeko doubutsu costumes, just becase all that fur was a pain in the ass to work with. Kind of want to re-do the gloves, though. they're a little small, and not worth taking off (which makes them not worth wearing)

DDS2 has some great battle music, BTW.
I don't have Heat anymore, and that makes me kind of sad.
I'm also tired of losing my party members every other cutscene. Now I'm down to the lame flying thing that's weak to ALL STATUS AILMENTS, the kicky guy, and a pink Varna XP I think I'm over halfway done with this one already, and I still don't know what's up with that stupid cat.

Ugh. Speaking of cats.. Senpu somehow has FLEAS. He never goes outside, we haven't brought in any foreign animals in months. I'm not sure how he got them.
I guess one of us had to have bought them in... I don't know. Going to have to stop by the vet for some frontline tomorrow I guess. Last time I talked to the vet about flea control, she warned me about the Hartz products. I've actually USED one of them on my cat before. I'm so glad it didnt' kill him. I can't beleive the crap is still available. If you've never heard of this, please check out this site, or even do a google search for Hartz, and stay away.


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