HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

My DS is broken D:

I seriously baby this machine. I have no idea what happened to it. I brought it with me on the trip to oklahoma, and when I got bored, I figured I'd pull it out and work on a GBA save file. But the direction pad wouldn't work. I mean.. it felt like it was sticky and sluggish to respond. It was very hard to press the buttons, and they wouldn't pop back up. So I was like.. wtf.. and was stuck to pulling weeds in animal crossing XP

Seriously, though, I can think of maybe 4 other people I've let touch this thing.. (that I know of) It was a pretty expensive system, and I'm kind of protective of this one and the PsP, so I have no clue what happened to it.
I was really bummed out about it since it's not under warrenty anymore. The Nintendo website says that system repairs are a flat 75 bucks. And I'm thinking that I could fix it myself if only I could crack it open and clean it out, you know? I tried the cute little toothbrush-in-D-pad suggestion on the website and that really didn't help at all. And they have some bizzare tri-wing screws that can't be unscrewed with a phillips head nor diamond head screwdrivers.

So yeah.. I sat thinking about it, and aside from the D-pad, this thing is in pristine shape. I mean, no scratches on the touch screen or anything XP.. so I was looking at either 75 bucks to get it fixed, or say screw it and get a new system. But Akuma found a screwdriver on ebay that would open it for 6 bucks.. and this option, I like much better. D: So hopefully it will come in soon and I can figure out what I need to do with the system next.. because this thing is really my new GBA. And while there arn't a ton of games out for the DS that I've been compelled to buy, I really love this system. D:

In other gaming news... I'm like lvl 70 somthing in my DDS game, and my characters all still suck :X I hate all this physical repell crap. Heat is my big bad eating machine& general beat-things-to-death guy, and I can't use his physical attacks on most monsters :( And I really hate cielo because he's weak to ailments. I don't know if there's a mantra that protects against ALL ailments, but it's not really worth it to take the bastard with me anywhere D:
And Cielo is ok I guess. But I really just have Seryph-Argilla-Heat in my party in that order.
Oh! And I killed a brain-thing! The Omoikane dudes always cast debilitate and run away, but i got a critical hit and killed it and all my guys got like 4 levels each and a ton of money o..O

See how exciting my life is? XP

Edit: I beat DDS with Blzbub's fly form& King Frost dead. I think I get some bonus crap :O
Finally beat the game, so I'm starting the second one tomorrow


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