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DDS... eewwww

I finally got around to beating Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny.
Cute character designs, as usual... If anything, I'd have to say some of the characters were pretty uninspired, but it was cute. Everything was very cute, and the game was fun :P Yup. I'd say I got my money's worth of cute and fun.

So.. I decided after that I needed to revisit some save files and try to beat a few more games. I've picked up and dropped DDS:Avatar Tuner like 3 times now. I haven't really been able to get into it. And I'm kind of dissappointed in how unforgiving some of the monster encounters are. People say SMT:Nocturne is really the harder of the two, but in DDS, I find myself having to check FAQs and re-configure my character abilities for every fight. It's really annoying. My Rebby (silly nickname I gave my character in SMT:N) kicked ass. He had awesome skills, and his army of demons were awesome, too XP Then again, I had some of the boss fiends in my party towards the end, and Rebby had awesome skills, and he pretty much mopped the floor with anythign he encountered, save some of the more difficult boss battles. Overall, despite SMT:N's generic difficulty, I found it challenging enough to be rewarding.

DDS... just makes me want to throw the controller and slap someone :(
I decided to run around in circles in the brute's base, since most of the FAQs said I was a good 10 lvls lower than I should have been. And I was building Heat to be the BEST smashy/eating machine possible. But I noticed there's such a heavy emphasis on magic. I don't get to use him to smash anything, really, so I think mastering the silly ass WIKIPEDIA mantra was useless XP I can get RAGNAROK for a bajillion dollars. Why the hell is the mantra called wikipedia? I think that someone futzed up a translation by typing in a browser address for a word they didn't know, and just left it :P

Anyway.. I REALLY want to finish this one so I can move to the second, but I'm absolutely and utterly unmotivated when it comes to all the optional bosses. You can really get a lot of crap to boost your characters when you transfer your save file, but I don't think I'm going to do any of that shit XP
I just want to play through the story, and listen to the game music, and ogle the character& creature designs. (At A-kon, I bought the Kazumi Koneko SMT poster book. It has 12 pages of fanart and 12 pages of illustrations from the card game... and I got some cards with it too :X)

I'm still kind of sad that I don't have a Pazuzu trading figure. And I still have way too many extra series 1 figures :X I have 3 extra disgaea ones now, too. I honestly don't know what to do with them. And there's the Genius Sage one from Tales of Symphonia. I got two of him at A-kon, but 1 was missing an arm! I consider myself pretty lucky in that I've been collecting these silly trading figures for a while, and this is the first one that was actually missing a peice. But now I have Genius with no right arm. It kind of makes me giggle, and confuses me at the same time.
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