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More cosplay stuff.

I got Ray's Edward costume in today. It's the one I bought from gentileschi. (Pictures of her costume here http://cosplay.interstellar-beams.net)

It's very pretty in person, and I love the fabrics that were chosen. I'm still trying to figure the sash out, though. It's been sewn together to make it easier to wear and to keep all the layers in place, but it's thoroughly confusing! :D
I need to wait until I can get Ray here and he can try it on. I'm pretty excited about it. I'd also like to play with makeup on him, too.

It makes me think about working on a 4 costume to wear with him, but I don't know if I'll be able to have one ready since I'm so uninspired and don't have a wig/moustache/eyebrow set to wear.

Makoto, if you're reading this, let me know if you ever plan on wearing your Pepper costume again. If not, I still have the harp at my house, and I want to cannibalize it for the Edward costume. (By cannibalize, I mean pant gold and add shittons of beads, rhinestones& tassles) If not, that's cool, I can send it with the next batch of stuff I've been meaning to mail.. hahahaha

So yeah. I've pretty much decided not to make a Washi costume for Afest, but to re-wear Kuromori, and maybe scrounge some stuff up for a quick& dirty Nemu. Depends on whether or not I really want to cut my hair that short/buy a wig/deal with that.

I'm working with thermoplastics (hot glue) on a halo. I don't think it will work, but I figured it's worth a shot. I really like the texture of the hotglue after it's cooled. I have molds for it, but I have to figure out a way to get it even. I just have a hot glue gun, and I can't get the glue even in the mold all at once. I'm thinking about sticking it in the oven, or attacking it with a hairdryer. Anyway. If I can get it even, I can stick the lights in the middle and hope that the lights Heero gave me a few years ago won't melt the glue. I also have to hope that it's not too heavy to be supported by wire. I'm thinking of suspending the halo over my head for more realistic movement, as opposed to mounting it on a headband. But to do that, I'd have to have a very sturdy yet flexible material sicking up from the wing base and drooping over my head. The halo will bounce when I walk, light up, and not mess with my hair. But I need to find the perfect material to suspend it with. Somthing dark or clear that is sturdy yet a little flexible. That way it's not TOO noticable in photographs. I can't use somthing rigid like hard plastic, but I can't use somthing as floppy as clear plastic tubing. It needs to be somewhere in between. Any ideas guys?

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