HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face


So it looks like I'll be going to A-kon after all! wheeeee

So far it looks like 5 people in a suite, but my brother wanted me to try and find a freind to help pitch in on the room costs. We've got the suite from thurs=sun, and if we can get another person, it'll be like 140 bucks per person for the whole weekend, which isn't too bad. There were going to be more.. but a group of 4 backed out, which is why I'm going.

It's on Akuma's week off, but I don't think he wants to go. He doesn't do the convention this anymore, really.. and doesn't like the idea of driving up in someone else's car and staying with strange people. I can see where he is coming from, but it's not as big a deal to me, even though we're pretty much on the same sleep schedules now.

I guess I'm going to bring Mayuri, Norn, and maybe Gogo. I don't want to bring a lot, but those three will take up two suitcases without much extra to carry. And since we don't do Iron cosplay anymore, that'll be a lot less to carry. And without the cooler.. I don't know. should be ok. Will still have to carry Norn's tail, hat, wand, gogo's hat& 1 shoulder peice as well as either the cloak or the foam shoulder pads outside the suitcase.. but it shouldnt' be too bad. I figure Gogo can stand an A-kon, since I've only worn it to Ushi, Afest, and that Kamikazecon before. I might need to check it over and look for repairs, though. And decide whether or not I can launder the shirt. It will probably be ok. Pants won't fly, though. One half is red& black striped, and the other is white& black striped and sure to bleed. Not sure what to do aobut that.

So I've been told to find at least one other person willing to pitch in. I was thinking Bevo, but her house was just broken into, so I'm not sure if she's going :(

I need to think about ordering my wigs for A-fest...


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