HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Dissappointing news

Malophyte just called me. The Moi dix Mois tour is cancelled.
Apparently, the promoter was really shady.. or doing somthing they shouldn't have.. I don't know. All I hear is Mana was not happy, and cancelled the whole thing.
I'm really pretty upset right now. It was expensive to get the tickets, and while some of it can be refunded, I am still out the shipping cost for the tickets, as well as the handling& convenience charges.

Not to mention I'm out the biggest thing I was looking forward to all year :(
(Even though I only found out about it a month or so ago. I mean.. my life is pretty dull. I don't have a lot in general to look forward to)

That probably sounds pretty horrible.. but whatever.
This sucks

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