HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Ugh.. sewing

I totally don't feel like sewing anything! lolololol

I can't remember if I've already made hotel reservations for Animefest or not yet, so I'll probably do that tonight. I need to get my badges this year, since I'm not really doing sqat for the con. And if I am making that tales of phantasia costume, I need to order my wigs. BLARGH. I think if I got the wigs, I'd be much more motivated to make the rest, since it's a really simple costume. And I get a fake broom!

I'm just waiting for the MxM concert. I'm so excited D: Still need somthing to wear, though.. Got it narrowed down to 4 outfits now. maybe I'll post some scans later

Also, I've been playing a lot of Heroes of Might& Magic V lately. It's fun!

I can't beleive it's almost june D:

I'm thinking about going to a dermatologist, too. I'm almost 26, and I still have acne problems.. wtf. and it's been much worse this past year. I'm tired of it.

Edit: Might be going to A-kon o..O Ray said a freind with a large suite had some of the people bail on him. If that's the case, and they can't get anyone else to help pay, I may go. There's a free badge in there somewhere too, so it's not a bad deal, and if they get 6-8 people, the hotel cost isn't bad for a suite. I'll ride up with them on thurs, and stay the weekend. Will definitely bring Mayuri, and if Celine brings Lita, I'll bring Norn. Aside from that.. probably no others, because I don't want a lot of luggage. I will have to wait and see until tomorrow to see who is going. I do want to see pennicillin nano, but god... A-kon has really pissed me off :/ If I end up going, though, chances are they'll still be a person or two short to make the hotel affordable for my brother's freinds.. so I might have to dig up a person or two. HAY BEVO! :X


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