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Mmmmm.. electricity

I've been spending the past week feeding my videogame addiction. I read a lot when the power was out, and I managed to plow through all of Stone of Tears.. I could say a lot about that book :/ I mean, I liked the first one, Wizard's First Rule ok.. but by the end I was really starting to hate all the main characters. So I dropped the series for a while, even though Puu had left all of the books at my place. Well, when the power went out, I looked down at the copy of Stone... that had been sitting on the couch forever, and figured, "why not?".. I mean. It's not like I had anything better to do :P

I decided I didn't quite hate the characters so much, and got into the story. After having read only the first book, his formulas were pretty predictable for the second, and the ending seemed super rushed. the book is like 1000 pages long.. and I swear he only spent like 100 pages tying up the ending. I kept looking at the diminishing pile on the right hand side wondering if everything was going to get cleaned up by the end or not.

There was only 1 little loose end by the time I finished, and that's what brings the story into the 3rd book, The Blood of the Fold It was kind of dissappointing.. but I started the third book anyway.

Now I'm waiting for Heroes of Might and Magic V to arrive, and playing Tales of Phantasia. When Celine called to keep me company, she was like "OMG U SUCK. Buy that game now. it's the best ever"
So I did.. and I'm having fun with it. It's good old-school RPG action, AND it's a "Tales of" game, so you can't really go wrong. I think all the character designs are done by whazzhiznutz.. Heero's Ah My Goddess artist.

I think I'm also in a pink phase. I made my Norn costume, and I haven't really made anything else, but now I'm looking at a Tellah costume AND... MAYBE... a Tales of Phantasia costume. (Arche)
I figured.. Arche's wig would be a pain, but it's the exact same shade& style as Baiken's wig.. and I'd been meaning to make a Baiken costume for a while now. I could kill two birds with one stone, and have a really wacky pink ponytailed wig for other crap.

Come to think of it.. I could totally recycle puffy pink Archepants into Tellahpants, and use lots of scraps from Norn in a Tellacoat. Mmmm.. costume incest


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