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Tornadoes almost destry Waco! (again)

So any person that's been in this city for over a year probably already knows about the GREAT TORNADO of 1953 whatever that destroyed most of the city. It's one of the reasons Waco is flat. The Alico building was one of the few things that survived, and it's the reason why half of the Dr. Pepper museum has funny colored bricks. The tornado was like an F5. If anyone wants to see pictures, or is interested, it turns out there's even an entry on it in Wikipedia, and it's apparently like the 10th or so deadliest tornado in US history. Yay!

Well, the one we got the other day wasn't quite that bad. But it was annoying!

Wade through the geek with me a bit....
I was playing WoW late at night when I heard the air siren go off. Usually they test it once every so often, and it only goes off once. One of our family freinds that plays WoW as well was commenting in Vent. (Ventrillo-voice chat program- lots of fun) She said we were expecting golf ball-sized hail with a storm tonight. So, I figured I'd check the weather on the internet real quick and see how bad it was. It was around 12:30ish, I think, and I read that we had tornado warnings until 1:15AM. About that time, I noticed that the tornado sirens were still sounding. It didn't sound once and then stop. That's when I knew I had to go find a place to hide. So, I ran around the house shutting off all the electronics& lights as quickly as I could. Senpu and I hid in the bathtub in the guest bathroom with a flashlight and a blanket over our heads while the storm raged overhead. I could hear exactly when the hail started, because it was LOUD. We didn't get hail as large as the ones I heard we would.. which is good. They looked to be no bigger than the size of a quarter. We still haven't been up on the roof yet to check damage.

Anyway.. It was very loud, very windy.. I could hear branches snapping, etc.. but I waited until 1:15 to leave my 'safe' spot, and watched the news. They didn't have any power. They were on emergency backup or somthing, and were broadcasting the doppler. It looked like the storm had completely passed over Waco, but I heard rumors about a tornado touching down in the middle of town. I was just happy it didn't hit my house D: I had to clean up after a big leak in the entryway room. About two buckets full of water leaked through a crack somewhere.. need to check it out later.

After that, I surfed the internet trying to find out more about the weather. The TV station had run out of back-up power, and almost all the local stations were static. About 30 min after that, the power flickered for a second. The lights stayed on, but it was enough to reboot my computer. 5 min after that, the power went out. And stayed out. For 3 days. -..-

Because I couldn't find out anything that was going on in the outside world, I had to call people to find out what was going on. Malophyte told me one of the main streets in town was called a disaster area and closed down until it could be cleaned up. There were approximately 20,000 homes without power after the storm was over, and by my 3rd day without power, there were only about 4,000 left. the Coca-Cola bottling plant was trashed, and half of it caved in. Apparently a lot of businesses down Franklin& highway 6 are also damaged, which is one of the reasons Franklin was shut down. For those of you familiar with the area, apparently Wal-Mart closed! D: Imagine that.

News& video

So, what did I do?

.....Nothing -..-

I went the first night with no power reading parts of Stone of Tears by candlelight. No microwave, and no oven.. so I ate peanutbutter& jelly sandwiches, and drank the sodas in the fridge that were still cold. By the time Akuma came back from work that morning, the icecream in the freezer was melted, and a lot of the food was thawed. I knew I had to do somthing, or everything in there was going to go bad. So I called Malophyte, and asked a huuge favor :) She brought me ice, and a cold soda for Akuma, and I put almost all the food in the fridge in the cooler I usually put con food in, with some ice. I took a smaller one, and put sodas in it. I coudln't save everything in the freezer.. so I sent a bag of stuff with Malophyte to keep with her until we had power again. I kept some of it, and threw a lot of stuff away. Old food from the back of the freezer, etc. From the ammount of liquor I took out of the fridge & freezer, you would have thought I was throwing a party >..>

That night, I read more, played a little FF4 on my DS, and sat around staring at candles. Literally. When I needed a break from the book, I just sat there and fiddled with the candles all night. It was really creepy because it was so quiet, and the batteries from the flashlight were mostly dead, so I fought a CD player as quickly as I could, and managed to get some music going. Akuma had some speakers that he was using earlier that day for some background noise in the bedroom, and I hijacked them for use in the living room, and that's how the next two nights went. During the day, I read a little while the light was still good, and got some cleaning done. By the end of the second day, the fridge was dripping from somewhere I could not locate. I've since mopped up all standing water, and tried to clean it out a bit. Especially now that the power is back on.

I just want to say... you have no idea how boring my house is without electricity. Any of a hundred ways I could think to amuse myself in this place take electricity. And my odd sleeping schedule pretty much guaranteed I was up at the most boring time, too :/

Sometime this morning, the power came back. I want to say between 10-11AM.. Akuma woke me up at 11:30 AM noting that the alarm clock was back on. Electricity!!
I'm dead tired. Need to be up by 11 tomorrow to go to the dentist..
Have to put food in the fridge again..

Need to call TXU and tell them I love them XD

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