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Sorry Bob Dylan!

We had a great car trip, got up to the venue, then decided to scalp the tickets and leave :X
Dad got his money back for what he spent on the tickets& parking, and we didn't have to go to a concert. Don't get me wrong, I think we both would have gone, and been happy and whatever, but neither of us were REALLY looking forward to it all that much. It was funny, though, that we took the car trip to do that and leave XD

Playing KOTOR2 now. (Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords)
I had put it off for so long :O Need to finish Kingdom hearts 2, but the item creation frustrates me, and I need to level slut before the end boss, and it's all very discouraging. So, I'm playing somthing else.

Not much else is happening here. I feel that Akuma and I had a lot to talk about last night, and had prolonged pleasant conversation.. and talked about some serious things I needed to get off my chest. Talking is about all I can do when I feel that sometimes it's not all my fault. But I think he's finally starting to understand how I feel about some things without me being hurtful. It's been hard for me to communicate how frustrated I am sometimes about certain temper issues, etc (that I've mentioned before in this journal) without saying it in a hurtful way. And last night, I feel I really was a lot more successful in communicating those things than I have been in the past. I can't say anything will change, but hopefully he will work towards not being so hurful towards himself when he is upset.


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