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Bob Dylan terrorizes the anime world by assasinating fanboys with cellulouid and action figures!

Not really. But it was an interesting header, right?
So guess what? I get to see my dad tomorrow! It's painful to say that I guess I haven't seen him in over a year. We stay in touch and talk, but I haven't had a chance to see him. Sounds silly, I suppose, but it's important to me. He's got an extra ticket for a Bob Dylan concert in the Dallas area. I'm not a fan, but I get some bonding time in the car tomorrow. I also have to give him his birthday& christmas presents since i'm a total bum and didn't mail them out in time for the holidays -..-

I think I'm growing another obsession. Sometimes I hate how "fad-dy" I feel. I'm still into anime cels, but I never did get my gallery scanned in, and I haven't bought a new cel in years. I still pull them out and look at them, but none of them are hung or on display. they're all in special folders, etc in a cabinet. I still love sewing, but I haven't felt like really making anything in a while. I still love anime, but we buy DvDs on occassion. We don't just pick up fansubs and watch them anymore. For THAT fandom, though, I can at least safely say it isn't because I've lost interest or anythign. It's just that it's become so freaking mainstream now, it's almost like we have the luxury of being picky. I guess it's really hard to explain, but I'm sure others can relate. I mean, we have a fucking Dragon Ball DvD somewhere that Akuma bought JUST to support the industry. It was back when they wern't really putting any anime on DvD. It was still mostly on VHS. Can you beleive we were concerned with it being relesed on DvD? It seemed like companies like ViZ & AnimeWorks, etc were so small that we did anything we could to support the release of new shows on DvD. Now.. I can't download a series before it's slated for US release. It's great :X

Oh yeah.. fads.. my fickle taste in hobbies...
I'm also big into J-rock, but I haven't picked up anything new in ages. The last 4 CDs we bought were Buck-Tick, L'arc's SMILE album, Moi dix Mois's Nocturnal Opera, and Schwarz Stein. (Zoi, I would like you to know that years ago, when you uploaded MP3s onto your website, I downloaded them& enjoyed them very much. Now I own both albums. I'm not an MP3 leech!) But yeah.. I don't listen to new bands.. I don't keep track of news like I used to..

We also used to collect toys like crazy. Our house is ovverrun with REALLY COOL STUFF. But we don't have room for more, so we don't really pick things up anymore.

I almost feel like I should clear out the deadwood of my old hobby and use it to finance my new one. Like.. sell off a bunch of toys and cels and pick up a nice BJD or somthing. All this stuff just accumulates... Sometimes I feel disgusted with my impulsive consumerism. But a lot of this stuff has collector's value on the secondary market, so it's not entirely useless. When I was younger, I wanted one of those nice classy homes with a den and a smoking room with fireplaces and hard wood paneling and all that shit. Some sort of stately looking den lined with bookshelves FILLED with leatherbound editions of classics I'd all read. And I could sit in one of those tacky leather chairs looking at miniature replicas of fine art going "wot wot" all day. It was going to be great. But I have too much kitchy fan-junk for that. My house can't be stately. My house is insane.

So.. I'm thinking... what if I just gave up on cosplay? I used to toss tons of money into it because I like dressing up. But lately I haven't liked myself enough to really get into it. I feel fat and unattractive and unhappy every time I do it. But I love making the outfits, and I do have fun wearing them.. so it's somthing I've been struggling with for what seems like forever. (It's really only been about a hear and a half, though)
If I picked up this doll hobby, though, I coudl still sew, and costume, and all that great stuff but I would be working with a medium that doesn't wrinkle or get zits or get fat. I think after the initial investment of the doll& wig& eyes, etc.. I'd be spending a lot less money on fabric. And I love being able to sit on the couch in front of the TV with a pile of craftsy busywork, you know? Sewing lots of little beads, etc. I think it would be great, and I know I would enjoy it. The only question being for how long?
Acantha's held passing interest for me. I can't make clothes on that small scale, though. It hasn't worked out too well. I tried to make her a pair of "leather" pants out of that fake leather-looking material, and it went horribly wrong. With the larger dolls, I think I would have an easier time of it at least. I don't know. I think I would really enjoy it. I really would. But I'm not sure if the investment would be worth it in the end.. or if I'd sit back and stare at the boy on top of my massive pile of crap and feel worse about how wasteful I am. (Strangely, no matter how many video games I *don't* finish, I still don't feel that way about that hobby)

So I'm really not sure what I want to do. Part of me wants to start selling a few things off and making the house a little emptier. Another part of me wants to keep the stuff sitting around in case I get back into those various hobbies again. Akuma just lets his magic cards sit in the closet, too.. you know.. even though we dont' play anymore. On the other hand.. we've spent all this money on this crap. And a lot of it was bought for me by Akuma. Like.. we'd be out someplace and geek over an action figure or whatever, and he'd just buy it for me. I got spoiled fast, because I'm not used to that treatment.

Ugh. I don't know.


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