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13 April 2006 @ 04:51 pm
Back from the dentist D:  
It was exciting and gross!
Burnt me is the best scent ever, I can tell you that. They do this new thing now they they didn't do before I went to college. (Let's call College my black hole of dental hygiene). They burn your gums with a laser!!! :O

So yeah. Because of that. They told me I would be in constant pain for a few days. Because my gums will ache. Because they were attacked with a lightsabre.

I have my temporary crowns, and I go back in the first week of may for my permenants.
I didn't feel a thing on the right side until they started nuking my gums, and the left side was horrible at the beggining, so I got lots of extra anesthetic. D: yay! My tounge isn't entirely numb this time, but I feel like a stroke victim. The right side of my face is sliding off until this crap wears off. Then when it wears off, I have the constant gum soreness to look forward to. Yay! At least I didn't feel much when they were pulverizing the nerves.

I had this goop all over the place, too, when they took molds of my teeth. It was great. The dentist got a little bit on his glove and smeared it all over my nose and upper lip by accident. I was lauging like a retarded kid because I couldn't move my lips. It was great :O

All in all, it was a very disgusting experience, and I hope to never do it again. :P
Current Mood: groggygroggy