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Damage report:
1 filling
2 root canal D:

Well... It's better than I thought, and worse than I thought? I thought I would have more cavities, but apparently my plaque buildup was not that bad at all this year... But what I thought was a broken filling was really a broken tooth.. and that kind of grossed me out. But I guess it's helped with my phobia of broken teeth, because it didn't hurt when it happened, and doesn't hurt now. I think that's one of the root canals. The other one is a tooth I've had a hate-hate relationship for years. I got it fixed, but back when I had it done, it was a POSSIBLE root canal. Now it's still cold-temperature sensitive, and apparently, life under the filling is going to hell, and the nerve needs to be ripped out. Like all dental work, I'm really dreading it, but it should make my life wonderful afterwards.

I got chastised again for not having my wisdom teeth out yet.. and aparenly one of them is starting to look really bad. So, I get to see an oral surgeon, too, because they have to remove all 4, and two of them are badly impacted. They always seem shocked when I have a bad tooth and I tell them it's not really hurting me. I don't know. Maybe I'm used to the oral discomfort? But the hygenist wasn't trying to garrote me with the floss today, so it was relatively painless!

Still.. it takes a certain kind of person to work in the dental industry I guess. I hate my own mouth. I don't see how people can choose a job to poke around in it all day. Fingers on your tounge.. scraping nasty shit off your teeth.. ugh. I felt sick when I found out the tooth broke from decay, I can't imagine someone else poking around in there. The dentist's office is a place of shame.


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