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Ugh. I am so nervous. I have a dentist's appointment tomorrow. I mean, I know I need to go. Especially since I have a filling that recently fell out (Whole reason for making the appointment).. but they always get on my case about not flossing enough, eating too much (because food=cavities, etc.) And I will be the first to admit that I don't take care of my teeth as well as I should. But I hate going. It always hurts, the whole place smells funny, like burnt enamel, flourine& rubber gloves... and it's cold. They're nice and let me play CDs while they are drilling to help calm me down, but I swear I just feel like crying thinking about going.. I hate the dentist omg. I don't think Akuma told them about my filling when he made the appointment, even though that's why he called.. so they will probably chastize me for not coming in as soon as it happened. (Not my fault they were booked for two weeks) But omg. I'm doing my best. Keeping it clean as best I can.
omg.. I hate the dentist :*(

Other than that... still playing Kingdom hearts. Getting pissed at the moogle. I never have the right items to make anything, even though I have two luckylucky weapons, and two luckylucky abilities eqipped. >:(

I tried making some risotto yesterday, because stirring things a lot sounded like fun. It was fun, but I didn't have all the best ingredients for it..so it tastes ok, but like everything I cook, Akuma says it smells good, but looks gross, and refuses to eat it :(

Gah. I'm so nervous about this dentist shit.. I can't think about anythign else.


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