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23 March 2006 @ 03:04 am
I've been feeling kind of busy-ish lately. I don't know what's gotten into me. I feel kind of like I do two weeks before a con when I haven't started any of my costumes D:
I've pretty much decided that if I find the right fabrics, I WILL make that Lenneth costume. I'm going to be really picky, though, and hope the Indian fabric collection is still at Jo Ann's. I haven't been there in a while, and while I dont' remember seeing anything that would work, those fabrics are beautiful, and there's bound to be somthing in the right color scheme I can work with.
I'm still giggling at the thought of a Tellah costume. Part of me says it'll be a huge mistake, but a part of me things I'd laugh my ass off and have way too much fun with a fake moustache. Scroll down and click on the Tellah picture It's the best I can find that's close up. I am by far NOT a scraggly old amnesiac mage.. but it seems like somthing I'd have a lot of fun with at any rate.
Since neither of those costumes are anything I could start right now, I've been looking for somthing to do. I found mountains of red bottomweight Celine& I bought to make stupid ammounts of Ed jackets. I haven't felt motivated to make a stupid number of Ed jackets, but I am making one for myself. I'm using McCall's 4314, which is quite possibly one of my favorite patterns ever. (Used for the Yu~ki vest, the Norn dress, etc) apparently, the pattern is no longer in the books, not listed as out of print on the McCall's website, and only the place I linked to for the photo knows it exists. But it's a great pattern D:
Anyway.. I'm making that jacket, adding a hood, and maybe putting some pockets in it. I haven't decided. It all depends on what I decide to do for the lining.
The network it fuxxored, though, so I don't know if I'm going to be able to print out another Flamel stencil for the back symbol... and even if I could, I can't find that one cosplay website in my favorites or anywhere. It's one that applcheeks linked to waaaaayyy back when we were doing bleach costumes, and it had image files for iron-ons of many of the captain's numbers. And FMA D: Hell if I can remember what it was, though.

In any case, on top of that, I've been cleaning house a bit. Thinking mostly about what I can do with the remnants I have to clear up my sewing area. I don't care if I'm sewing like mad for the next few weeks. I need to clear out some of the textile detritus cluttering up the spare room. And unfortunately, Tellah can't do that for me since he's all pinks and lavenders :(

I'm also really starting to hate my new sleep schedule. I'm damn near completely nocturnal now. I was thinking about calling malophyte today, but when I looked at the clock, it was already 11:30 pm. Bugger.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
t3h m3rz0rzmerchan on March 24th, 2006 06:49 am (UTC)
I've been putting off my State Alchemist cosplay so bad.. mostly because of that weird fold on the collar. I'm scared to mess up.
HIDE your facekyonomiko on March 24th, 2006 07:28 am (UTC)
It's not too bad. It took a little creative engineering when I did mine. I think I might have some inprogress photos lying around somewhere I could dig up for you, if you're itnerested. It's mostly unfished stuff, wher eyou can see the basic cut of the two jacket front peices.
Gah.. scratch that. They were deleted from the website a long time ago, and the only ones I have on my HD already show it sewn on.

Hope this helps, though
malophyte on March 24th, 2006 09:17 am (UTC)
I always work until Midnight on Thursdays. But the funny thing is that I've become nocturnal lately as well. I have been having trouble going to sleep before 3am. It seems more and more lately like it's 5am though. I really have to stop doing that because Q doesnt like it.
HIDE your facekyonomiko on March 24th, 2006 10:22 am (UTC)
Well, You can't just go to sleep as soon as you get home from work, you know? You need some wind-down time. Even Akuma has that same problem. So while he gets home at what would be 8pm (if you swapped the AM& PM completely) he likes to sit down and relax for a few hours.. and sometimes doesn't get to sleep unil well after 12 noon :O