HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
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Cosplay weirdness

So.. No plans for A-kon this year, as usual.. making the next con I hit up Animefest.
I guess it's been a while since I've made an elaborate costume (bear suit silliness does not count) so I'm starting to get the cosplay bug again. I want to make somthing pretty.. but I can't really decide.
Since I'm buying a pre-made Edward costume from FF4 for my brother, the thought of a Tellah costume is really starting to grow on me. At first, it was kind of a joke and just made me giggle. But when I thought about it.. I could get a mad scientist type fluffy wig, and style it.. then pick up a moustache& beard.. and do some spirit-gum stippling for wrinkles.. big glasses.. it would be kinda fun! And I would get a chance to make another Amano-type costume, which are always lost of fun. And it would be very purplypink. Fabulous!!

But since I've been playing this import PSP copy of Valkyrie profile, I've really started thinking about Lenneth costumes again. I remember back when I made my silky costume, I had thought Lenneth's battle outfit would be way too complicated for me, but after I made the shoulder pads, I started to think it might be do-able. But that year at A-kon, there was another costumer there that had made one, and I got really discouraged. I'm thinking about it a little more now though. I think it would be a total pain in the ass to do correctly.. and you guys know how anal I can be about that sort of thing...
So I was thinking about starting off a little more simply, and making the outfit she runs around town in. It's nice, looks like it's comfortable, and made of very nice fabrics with enough details& painting to make me happy with busywork. I love the little details, and I think the main bits of sewing on this outfit would be simple enough that I'd be able to get it done with minimal procrastination, giving me enough time to do the painting. So it's one I've been seriously thinking about. Plus... while the wig would be an expensive pain in the ass, if I ever decided to do her battle outfit, I'd have the wig already.

I don't know. Can't decide. I might do both if I have enough time. I'd really like to re-do the brown dress on my haibane costume to make the skirt much fuller, and get some more wear out of that costume. I really liked how N-kun's turned out, and I put a lot of work into wings that have only seen con wear once. It's funny, though.. thinking about wearing norn again and the haibane stuff.. and realizing that all that crap was for previous animefests :p I guess this is about the time of year I get my bursts of creativity, though.
Unfortunately, I do beleive both of these new costumes will require the purchase of new fabric XP I have so many freakin' remnants...
Tags: cosplay

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