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Boku wa uterus?

I'm confused..
1) 4 balls/base on balls (baseball)
2) womb/uterus
3) urgent/pressing
4) payment/allowance

I haven't posted in a few days. Somthing had to be done to remedy that, because I'm no longer getting any email to read. I should update my website. I have so many more dirty cels to show you... some truly raunchy ones... lots of fun stuff, ne? I'll probably be moving my site soon, too. With the financial troubles Geocities is in.. I can't risk losing all my hard work.. hahaha
No further work on the plush yet. It's been sitting around. I should probably work on his head. I want to make sure I have a good pattern for the head, though. I wish the mailman would bring me some presents. There were no packages again today.. and I'm expecting so much stuff in..
Unfortunately, mail will not run tomorrow, either, due to the holiday. I'm feeling very blah.. abstract.. and all sorts of emotions that arn't on our happy pull-down list today. I guess I'll just have to pick somthing funny.


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