HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

It's February, and it's freaking cold out.

Feed upon the babbling brook that is the nonsensical drivel of today's thoughts.
I've been working on clearing away some of the dead wood in the house. Uncluttering corners and all that crap.

I think I spent a good 30 min trying to sweep out the tracks of a sliding glass door, becauseI didn't want to walk outside to the trash bin. The bin is right next to the sliding glass door, but we never use the door because it's always stuck. There's dirt or dead bugs or somthing in the track, I don't know. I swept some of it out, but I dont' know if I can reach all of it. I did get some crap thrown away, though.

My cat is a moron. I can't say this enough. He broke my only long-stem vase a few days ago, trying to eat the flowers Akuma brought me for Valentine's day. I ended up throwing all but 3 of them away today, because they wern't looking so good. I blame the cat.
Took me a few hours to clean up that mess safely, too. Water+ broken glass all over the kitchen floor. Kind of like blackberry schnapps+ broken glass, but without the permeating stink.

Akuma is asleep right now, and I'm trying to keep myself busy clearning the house until he wakes up. I really would like to vaccum later.. but I can't do it now because I don't want to wake him up. I was able to take care of trash& dishes in the meantime, though.

God.. it's freaking cold in the house. The heat is running almost constantly now that the sun has gone down, because it's just getting colder. When i cleaned out the tracks of the sliding gladd door, I thought it smelled a bit like snow. It's funny how you remember those things. If I ever had children, (which I don't really have any interest in), I couldn't have them here in Texas. They'd need to grow up in snow while they're still young enough to enjoy it properly. There's not a lot to enjoy in that same innocent sort of way in Texas.. where you have to buy fake grass so you don't have thorny weeds in your front yard... and there are coral snakes all over the place D: Or maybe it's just being little that doesn't make you afraid to walk in your yard without shoes on The grass feels so good between your toes, and I haven't found a yard I've felt safe enough to walk like that in years.

I do like to walk around barefoot, though. My feet refuse to conform to the imprisonment of shoes and socks!

I found a basket in a cubby int he house that was filled with little bubble-bottle party favor things from my wedding. I threw them all away but two.. and also found the Akuma-hamster Makoto& Ringo made for me. It made me giggle, and it's on my sewing table now. No idea where the Integral-hamster is, since it wasn't in the basket. D:


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