HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Back from Ushicon!!

Con went well. No major catastrophies, etc.
All of us were a little sad that we could not get a hold of Celine all weekend :(
I would have liked to see her, and I was looking forward to her Lita costume (Atelier Iris)

I'm working on photos now. I've started uploading my cosplay.com gallery. So far, though, there is only 1 Mayuri photo up there. I don't have ANY of the bearsuit photos.. since I couldn't handle a camera in the costume, and we decided to leave it upstairs. I have a small ammount of bleach photos, but a lot of Norn ones.
I didn't like the way my makeup for Norn turned out at Animefest. Too many shades of pink were clashing and made my face look horribly blotchy, even with an even coverage of foundation and no blush/rouge. I wanted pink makeup to compliment the costume, but I didn't have enough of the right shades, so it looked bad. Instead of pink/white eyeshadow with silver eyeliner, glitter, and pink lipstick, I went with gold/white eyeshadow with light blue/black eyeliner& shimmer powder with a pink lipstick& pink lipgloss (different shades), and I really think that it looks a lot better. Once I upload the Norn photos, I'm sure you guys will see a big difference.

The only thing that really bothered me costume-wise was unfortunately my Mayuri costume :(
I wore the hat backwards, and didn't even notice until I was looking at photos!
If you look at a picture of him, his hat is supposed to go pointy-side left. So it's really to HIS right. But I forgot to flip it in the mirror when I was putting the costume on. I kept thinking "This hat isn't fitting the same way it did last time. Maybe my hair is longer or somthing. Oh well!!"....
And then I didn't notice until I looked at photos...
My hat was pointing the wrong way!! >:O

I doubt anyone noticed, and it didn't really piss me off so much as I felt really stupid for not noticing, because I'm usually anal about that sort of thing.

Oh well :O I'm definitely wearing that costume again anyway, because it's a lot of fun :)

Oh hey! editeditedit
Photos updated here


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