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So little to do, so little time.. so much procrastination!!

I finished R-kun's white under-kimono today.
OH! I need to make his white waistband thing, too. I always forget...b
Last night I had his black kimono ALMOST finished, and ran out of black thread on the topsticthing. WTF. I never run out of black thread. I always buy like.. 2 spools at a time..
I used about two spools between the two bearsuits& the black kimono...
Good thing my HEB has spools of black& white thread... I'll have to go there and get more tonight.

Both bearsuits are done. I'm working on gloves right now... and sister bear needs arm-bands. Totally inacurate. But I want arm-bands.
So, if I don't get them done, I won't feel bad, but they'll help me feel less naked from the top up, so I'm going to make some.

I also need to locate costume peices. Things I know are missing that are somewhere around the house:
Wig caps
My hand-made tabi
Norn's underwear
Norn's wig

I need to find& pack all of Norn, Yu~ki& Mayuri tonight...
Pack sister bear
Dye my hair again
Go through Iron Cosplay bag& organize it
Pack makeup
Pack R-kun's costumes (two kimono, waistband, borrowed obi, bearsuit, fiberglass mask)
Go grocery shopping for con food
Make sure camera is charged
Maybe go to Hastings and buy cheesey Italian fantasy heavy-metal for shits& giggles. You know.. the kind that has dragons& unicorns in the song title, and fantasy artwork on the cover :O AMV Hell 3 has an Azumanga skit with heavy metal flute, and now I want to track it down, because it was actually really cool D:

I have a feeling that the rest of the CD will make me think of Tenacious D, though.
(Jack Black singing about unicorns& elves, etc)

Anyway.. I swear I'd be getting so much more done if I was just a little more motivated :(
I just feel like slacking.


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