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Ok. This was just amazing

Ikaruga Video

That's a 4 1/2 min long video of a guy playing Ikaruga. Ikaruga is quite possibly one of the most difficult top-scrolling shooters I've ever played. You know.. like Gradius. But the enemies are a little different. There's the light guys and the dark guys. And light missles and dark missles. And you can change the color of your ship to do more damage against the opposite color& to absorb damage from the same color...

Anyway... It's very hard, and it's two player, which makes it easier when you play with a freind.

But this video..is of a person playing a two player game WITH BOTH HANDS
I mean.. holy shit. Player one is the left hand, player two is the right hand, and this person beats two bosses without losing a ship. It's fucking incredible. The video just blew me away, considering how much trouble I have playing just single player and controling one ship D:
Tags: games


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