HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Yet another checklist of doom

Black kimono needs neckband
Bhite kimono needs assembly
Need white waistband& inner obi, though I may get lazy and lend him a waistband from my Sarasa costume to save time.
Mask done!

Brother bear & Sister bear
Both done except for boot covers& gloves!
Need to make gloves& arm bands for sister bear, but bootcovers for both are completely optional, and gloves for brother bear are optional.

If I get time, I'll work ont he applique for Klein's sleeves and finish what I didn't get done for Afest. I also need to find all my costume peices for Norn& mayuri, and decide if I'm wearing Yu~ki or not. I should. But 2 hours of makeup... It's a tough choice.

Oh yeah! and I got in touch witn N-kun. He said he was leaving Thurs, and coming back on Monday. I only have hotel from fri-sun. So... I called the hotel, but they said they were completely sold out, and I was SoL for getting a hotel room for thurs night& Sun night. So.. we're probably going to leave early friday morning, I think. Then, on Sunday night, I'll just stay with my brother, and leave with N-kun sometime on monday. I'm going to talk to the hotel again when I get at the con, and see if I can't get a room for sunday night anyway. I told them I didn't care if it was con rate or not. I just needed a place to stay. The people I talked to didn't seem to be all there, though, and just told me I was SoL for con rate. I don't want con rate! I want a place to sleep!

Today was productive! I'm still working, though. I would have had a lot more done yesterday if I had not accidentally broken my last needle. I've been going through needles like crazy on this fur. It's so thick, I have to feed it through the fur a little more than usual, and if I go too fast, I snap a needle. Last night, I went through my last one, but thought I had more. Turned the house upside down, and couldn't find any more. I guess I left them in mom's machine when I gave it back to her last fall. Had to go out and buy new needles today.

I visited Malophyte when I did, too. Well, that, and I wanted voldume 3 of death note.. and I wasnted to see if the new Bizzare was in yet, as well. Malophyte always find me awesome christmas presents.. but I'm a tard, and I always buy the items before she can get them to me. I feel horrible, because I'm ruining the work that goes into finding somthing for someone.. and I know how hard that is from shopping for my own family :O
I should watch that movie tonight.. but I can't watch foreign films while I'm cosplaying, because I procrastinate too much. It's way too tempting to just sit and read subtitles when I should be getting work done. Oh man.. Save the Green Planet... haha XD I didn't get anything done the day I bought that one. But man.. that movie was awesome.


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